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Glenolden man arrested for the sexual assualt and abuse of 14 child victims

DATE:  January 23, 2015
CONTACT PERSON: Emily H. Harris- 610.891.4163

Media, Pa – Today Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan announced that John P. Corcoran, 20, of Glenolden, was arrested on 161 counts of multiple charges, including the rape of a child, after he lured and groomed 14 child victims who range in age from 8 to 14 years old, who he sexually assaulted repeatedly over a two-year period.
Corcoran, a former volunteer firefighter of the Goodwill Fire Company No. 1, was arrested in August 2014 on arson charges for allegedly setting fire to three unoccupied buildings in Folcroft. While out on bail, Corcoran was rearrested on Dec. 12, 2014 on child pornography charges and remanded to the Delaware County prison after he failed to post bail.  

Authorities first learned of the alleged crimes after the mother of a 12-year-old victim discovered explicit magazines in her child’s possession which she described as “hardcore” pornography, which was supplied to the child by Corcoran. During a follow-up interview on Dec. 16, 2014, the victim told authorities about sexual incidents between himself and Corcoran who orchestrated the acts. The sexual abuse and molestation started when the victim was 10-years-old. Corcoran coerced the victim along with other boys into sex acts, including oral sex, by promising to give the victims toys and money.
With assistance from Sgt. Eric Gensemer of the Glenolden Police Department and Detective Scott Dickson of the Darby Township Police, County Detective Sgt. Robin Clark and Det. Mark Bucci of CID/SVU proceeded to conduct interviews of the additional victims.  Authorities learned that Corcoran would befriend and then groom the victims over a period of time, giving the children gifts and promising rewards for different sex acts.
He also exploited the children by using manipulation such as reverse psychology and other victims to peer pressure each other into sexual activity.

The sexual activity between Corcoran and the victims, often with multiple victims at one time, occurred frequently over the two year period at Corcoran’s Glenolden home, in his bedroom or in the pool or hot tub. Corcoran bribed the children into different acts including taking off their clothing, posing nude and doing snow angels in the nude while he filmed them, without their knowledge, with his cellphone which he obstructed from view.
Over the two year period, Corcoran orchestrated various sexual activities with the children, including masturbation, oral sex, and rape by anal penetration.
He would also use photographs of naked girls he took with his phone to lure the victims. In one instance, he invited a 17-year-old to go swimming at his house. While using his bedroom to change, Corcoran took photos of her in the nude. After assuring her he would delete the pictures from his phone, he then convinced her to pose for him naked while he took photos. He subsequently used the nude and explicit photos to lure minors by appealing to their prurient interests and lessening their inhibitions. Another time, he befriended another girl with an intellectual disability who he coaxed to his bedroom. There he convinced her to strip naked while he took photos of her, which he then used to lure child male victims.
The sexual abuse by Corcoran occurred at his home and other locations including the Ridley YMCA locker room, where he had victims strip naked and slide around on the floor and masturbate in the showers. Another location of abuse was the Swedish Cabin historical site located in Upper Darby Township, where Corcoran and the boys would light bonfires, strip naked and expose their penises while running around the fire. 
District Attorney Jack Whelan noted the crimes are particularly disturbing as the child victims trusted Corcoran, who they believed was their friend. “The defendant in this case lured these vulnerable children  under the guise of his friendship, and then exploited them with the promise of gifts only to then sexually exploit and abuse them for his own deviant sexual gratification,” said District Attorney Jack Whelan. “The sexual exploitation of children is the most heinous crime because of the long-term physical and emotional damage it causes to the innocent. I would like to commend Det. Sgt. Robin Clark and Det. Mark Bucci and Sgt. Eric Gensemer and Det. Scott Dickson along with Deputy DA Michael Galantino who will be prosecuting the case, for their hard work and collaboration on this difficult case.”

Corcoran was arraigned Friday, Jan. 23 in Glenolden District Court on 161 counts of charges including the rape of a child (3 counts) involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child (7 counts), indecent assault of a person less than 13 years of age (11 counts), statutory sexual assault, sexual assault (7 counts), indecent exposure (8 counts) open lewdness (11 counts), dissemination of explicit materials to a minor (9 counts) corruption of minors (11 counts), along with multiple counts of child pornography production and dissemination charges.