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DA issues warning on deadly street drug Fentanyl

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan has issued a warning regarding Fentanyl, a deadly, synthetic opioid narcotic that has made its way to the streets of Delaware County. As a result of recent toxicology reports, the Delaware County Medical Examiner Dr. Frederic Hellman has reported two drug-related deaths that occurred in late May 2013 as a result of overdoses from the drug Fentanyl. 

Fentanyl can come in the form of powder or pill and has been known to be snorted or injected into the bloodstream. According to authorities, the drug seen in Delaware County is in the form of power and the packaging is a glassine bag stamped with the words “Flashback” in red ink. Those who purchase Fentanyl believe they are purchasing a more potent and higher quality heroin.

District Attorney Jack Whelan is warning the community about this dangerous drug. “We are very concerned about the deadly consequences we are seeing from Fentanyl here in Delaware County,” said District Attorney Jack Whelan. “Even minimal use can result in death.  When consuming illegal street drugs, you always risk the chance of death from an uncontrolled and unknown substance.”

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