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DA holds Drug Abuse/Heroin Awareness Forum

There is a silent epidemic rolling across Delaware County, and it's taking a horrific toll on students and young adults in our community. It’s the abuse of prescription drugs and heroin. Abuse of these drugs has reached epidemic proportions, with a rise in overdoses and deaths both nationally and here in Delaware County. No one thinks that the abuse of pain killers will led to a heroin overdose, but the reality is, it is happening every day across America.

County Council and the Office of the District Attorney have formed a partnership with schools, public health agencies and community leaders to face the problems caused by these addictive and unfortunately, readily available drugs.

On May 9, at 6:30 PM, you are invited to join us for a discussion on this issue at the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center. There you will hear how children are getting these drugs, how they are becoming addicted, the warning signs of prescription drug abuse and, ways to get help.

Delaware County Council and the District Attorney are also urging you to go to the Upper Darby School Districts web site at Here you will find more information about the summit and a brief, anonymous survey concerning the abuse of drugs by students. On May 9th, we will compare what the parents think is going on against what the kids are really telling us.

Drug abuse is destructive, insidious problem that ruins the lives of those who abuse as well as their families and our community. On behalf of Delaware County Council, District Attorney Jack Whelan and the Upper Darby School District, we invite you to please join us May 9th at 6:30pm at the Upper Darby High School Performing Art Center located at 601 Lansdowne Avenue for this opportunity to educate yourself and your family about prescription drug abuse and the fatal consequences that are associated with addiction.