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Bad Check Program

As the District Attorney, I am always concerned about the negative impact of bad checks passed to local businesses in Delaware County. Millions of dollars are lost every year by merchants as a result of this ongoing problem. Bad checks affect everyone in terms of higher consumer costs that must be passed on to offset losses, and increased taxes to cover the additional costs for law enforcement and prosecution.

In an effort to combat this problem, the Bad Check Restitution Program has been organized to assist local merchants with bad check losses. The primary goal of the program is to obtain full restitution for the victim without adding to the financial burden of the criminal justice system. The Bad Check Restitution Program was designed with three goals in mind: to better serve the Delaware County community, to better serve victims, and to rehabilitate offenders.

The Bad Check Program increases the accountability of those who pass bad checks, without increasing the administrative or financial burden to the criminal justice system. First-time bad check offenders are given the opportunity to avoid criminal prosecution by attending a mandatory intervention class, in addition to paying restitution.

All of this is accomplished without any cost to the taxpayers. The Bad Check Restitution Program forms a partnership between the District Attorney's Office and local business communities while removing some of the burden bad checks place on local police. This innovative approach to the bad check problem provides new avenues to obtain restitution, to protect the public and to seek justice in these matters at no cost to bad check victims or Los Angeles County taxpayers.

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